The EUROSTUDENT research module is based on the Hungarian national database of round VI of the international survey on higher education students, which was implemented along the methodological standards of the international research. The research is focused on the social background, study features, housing, time management and employment characteristics of students in higher education. For data collection the online questionnaire method was used.

The EUROSTUDENT module of the interactive online analysis tool presents the opinion of Hungarian higher education students on their institution and study programme, as well as their labour market expectations and international study mobility experiences. It aims to support the transition between secondary and tertiary education and to help in the choice of a study programme and institution by displaying the most important data for career guidance in an user-friendly way.

Currently, data of round VI from 2016 is available for interactive analysis. Data of round VII from 2019 is to be published soon. See also the EUROSTUDENT VI Flash Report in English for further information and methodological details.