Fresh graduate survey

The online survey module of Hungarian Graduate Career Tracking System collects data about fresh graduates’ labour market status since 2010. The method used for data collection is the online questionnaire survey.  Contacting graduates and data collection are currently conducted by the higher education institutions participating in the National Program, based on their internal directories of graduates. The central research methodology is provided by the Higher Education Research Department of the Educational Authority.

Each year the target population of this survey study is the graduates who obtained their diploma one, three and five years ago.

The aim of this interactive online tool is to help graduates to obtain information about the labour market. This tool is recommended not only for graduates but also for those who are about to choose a career.

Those interested can get answers to a number of questions using the interactive tool: Did the graduate already work at the time of graduation, or did he/she obtain a diploma immediately after graduation? Did the graduate feel the lack of a diploma if he/she had already entered the labor market without it? How did he/she find his/her first job? Did he/she study abroad during his/her academic years? With the help of the tool we can get information about the graduates' main labor market status, find out to what extent the knowledge gained through their studies can be utilized, and we can also examine their satisfaction with their current job from several dimensions.