IAD career guidance module

The IAD career guidance module – based on the integration of administrative databases – gives support using an unique know-how in the transition from secondary education to higher education by displaying the most important data about career choice and career guidance in a user-friendly way.

There are many different opinions, expectations and even misconceptions about higher education and employment after graduation. The IAD career guidance module provides factual answers to key questions for students facing career choices such as: ’What can I do with my diploma? What kind of work can I do? Will I have a job? How long will it take to get a job? How much money can I earn as graduated from a particular field or study programme? How does my career prospects look like as graduated?

The purpose of the interactive online tool is to provide a detailed and wide range of data with optional composition and breakdowns for students facing their career choices. The field of study, study programme or institution can be chosen with just one click.

The online tool is recommended for young people who are at the point of deciding on their future career, their parents and other persons interested.