Integration of Administrative Databases (IAD)

The Integration of Administrative Databases (IAD) is the module of Graduate Career Tracking System (GCTS), where personal level, but anonym factual data derived from administrative data systems like National Tax Authority, National Health Insurance Fund, State Treasury, Ministry of Finance and Student Loan Center are connected with personal level data of Higher Education Information System (HEIS). This enables us to examine the labour market situation (e.g. labor market status, income etc.) of graduated students which could effectively support institutional strategy, policy making and also influence the activities of the labour market actors. The population of 2018 research consisted of students who graduated between the 2009/10 and 2015/16 academic years.

The interactive tool enables us to examine the educational and labour market data of four different graduates’ cohorts in study programs that have been successfully completed by at least fifteen graduated students in the current academic year. With just a few clicks, we can find answers to questions about the time needed to get a job for students who graduated in a particular program, how much income they can have, what sectors and jobs they work in and in what proportion they study further and in what direction.